Friday, March 27, 2009

James Stevenson Drawings

James Stevenson! Now there's a guy whose cartoon work I have always admired. Here are a few cartoons from his collection SORRY LADY - THIS BEACH IS PRIVATE, a collection of New Yorker cartoons, copyright 1963 by James Stevenson.

Stevenson is one of the "illustrative cartoonists," for sure. Look at that table!

And looking at it closer, you can see that every item, the candlesticks, the glasses, the food -- every item is only a suggestion; a sketch. Stevenson, in quick pen strokes and wash, gives us just the information we need.

Above: I laughed out loud at this one.

Urban life -- particularlyUpper Middle Class NYC urban life -- is the focus of Stevenson's pen.

Below, a series of drawings for a section titled "Parents Night."

His work continues to be seen in the New York Times op ed pages. Here's a link to one he did in December.

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james Grasdal said...

Great samples. I love his kid's books too. He's done a ton. A master.