Thursday, March 05, 2009

Anthropomorphic Cartoons by Mike Lynch

Anthropomorphic cartoons, or to put it in simpler terms, cartoons where things that don't talk & behave like people actually talk and behave like people. Above: from Wall Street Journal.

I just noticed that these slugs do not sit in chairs. What a live. Slimy and chairless. And suicidal.

From a series of snowman cartoons.

One of my favorite cartoons. I don't think the kid is gonna make it.

I found out that it's really hard to draw anthropomorphic rock, paper and scissors. At least for me. Originally published in Reader's Digest.

I should have drawn even more destruction.

"Humminah" is a funny word. I should use it more often.

Above: I gave the original of this one to my realtor. It's hard to see in the scan, but it says "real Estate" on the briefcase.

Above: how cold the human heart can be. We never consider the plight of the dusty, plastic plant now, do we?

Above: I know a lot of people who have this lifestyle.

More cartoons for presentations and magazine and so on at my site!


Unknown said...

Man, your work is incredible. These are all hilarious and beautifully drawn.

Jonathan said...

LOL the snowman kid in class!

Gerry said...

"We never consider the plight of the dusty, plastic plant now, do we?"

...I do, on a regular basis. But I guess I'm in the minority on that.

Mark Anderson said...

Good lord man, this is a treasure trove of great stuff! The ..."huminah huminah" always kills me!

Benita said...

These are great. There's always so much energy there. And funny funny.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Eric, I saw you work. Same back atcha!

Jonathan, the snowman one is my favorite.

skarab, nice to know you feel the pain of the plastic potted plant.

Mark, "Hummina" = Always Funny.

Benita's words are so kind she could easily get me to write bad checks on her behalf. Thanks, Benita!

witchered said...

I wish I could have understod finding your blog sooner. It puts a smile in my face. These works are great! My favorite is suicidal slug and the one above it.