Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video: The Toy and Action Figure Museum

I didn't even know about this place until today.

If you're in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, stop by at the Toy & Action Figure Museum. In a new 1 1/2 minute video, our host, Josh Kraft, manager, shows us that this place is more than action figures; it embraces comic strips as well.

He shows us some of the comic strip displays, Sunday pages, original art, and sort of a hall of fame of the cartoonists from Oklahoma: Bill Mauldin (the "Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist" if you please, not just a guy who did cartoons back in the army days, as Mr. Kraft describes him), Chester Gould (DICK TRACY) and Jack & Carole Bender (ALLEY OOP). The Benders assist in curating the museum.

My thanks to Nick for posting this on YouTube!

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