Monday, March 09, 2009

Mike Lynch Cartoons: Out of the Comfort Zone

Above: a very fat & bulbous headed Tony Soprano is not happy to find The Daily News in place of his Star Ledger. if you know the show, you know he always walks out of his McMansion in NJ to get his Star Ledger in the first show of every season.

Here are a few from a series of unpublished sketches and cartoons I drew for the NY Daily News way back when they were looking for an editorial cartoonist. these are various tryouts. with me trying to stretch myself out of my cartoon comfort zone to become a caricaturist. There are many wonderful caricaturists out there and I am no mean competition, you betcha!

I liked doodling some of the people. Keeping it loose and messy seemed to assist in getting the looks right.

Film director Peter Jackson is really just a pile of hair with large-ish glasses. I like his wee smile.

Martha Stewart is less successful.

Above: 5 doodles of Mayor Bloomberg. I drew some cat's paws in there for no good reason. He's a difficult guy to pin down. I finally decided to go for an elf with a hyperactive thyroid look.

Above: the mayor, after insulting Mr. Atkins and his diet, then tried to reverse his position. Again, at the time, this was a big tabloid story.

Above: Bring me the heads of Sam Waksal. Some really good (I think) caricatures of Sam Waksal (not that anyone recalls what Sam Waksal looks like), a guy who is currently serving time in Otisville for income tax evasion. The trial (a big deal in NYC) was going on when I was developing these. He may be better known for dating Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis.

Above: A wardrobe malfunction for then-campaigning John Kerry. The gag (best that I can recall) was that Justin Timberlake was his campaign manager. Kerry needed more media attention. Something like that.

So there you go, my friends, an interesting exercise. Now they all finally go in the shredder ....


Anonymous said...

Caricatures are hard. I dealt w/ them in my days as an editorial cartoonist, but now I stay away as far as possible. Not one of my strong points.

Jeff P.

Nick Fechter said...

Your drawing of Peter Jackson looks like Ghengis Kahn.

(Sorry about poking fun at you, I just thought that was really funny)

Nick Fechter said...

Your drawing of Tony Soprano looks very good by the way :)

Mark Anderson said...

Oh my goodness, that Peter Jackson one was awesome!

Thanks for posting these! It's always interesting to see someone outside their comfort zone...