Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rhodes International & STAR TREK

Video below: a CGI tour of the Enterprise. Just stunning. Alan Rhodes keeps going back and tweaking it. If you're a TOS fan, it's catnip, baby.

Star Trek Renewal - A Tour of the Enterprise

And here's a TOS style mash up of the latest STAR TREK movie trailer. Again, expertly and quickly done by Mr. Rhodes:

Star Trek 2009 trailer 3 - The Original Series version

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Brian Fies said...

Catnip indeed. Nicely done, especially in his use of sound, which carries more than half the load. A simple bit of dialog or music tells you right where you are and what's going on. And I'm such a geek that I'm critiquing his tour as I go: "No, there's only two of those things there, not three!" Being a Trekkie is like riding a bicycle, man. You never forget.