Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jerry Robinson Interview

The Palisadean-Post's Michael Aushenker interviews comic book legend Jerry Robinson:

PP: You were 18 when you drew 'Batman' # 1 and introduced The Joker.

ROBINSON: I also drew the first Penguin. I worked in tandem with Bob and Bill. Bob was 24, Bill, 25, the best writer of the time. Bill was crucial in the creation of the Riddler, Cat Woman, Penguin. We all lived in the Bronx. We ate, slept and dreamt Batman 24 hours a day. I was supposed to go to Columbia University's journalism school. While taking classes, I volunteered to write one of the stories for 'Batman' # 1. I thought, fiendishly, that I would get paid for a story and also get credit in my creative writing class. Well, I knew from my studies that all great heroes had great antagonists. We had some reservations. Some thought it might overpower the villain. I felt differently. The stronger the villain, the stronger the hero. Don't forget, we didn't have the word 'supervillain' at the time.

The whole thing is here.

Thanks to Journalista! for the link.

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