Monday, March 09, 2009

John Stanley's WHAM-O COMICS Page

Here's a wonderful John Stanley one-pager from Wham-O Comics. Wham-O Comics was a GIANT book; an oversized comic book experiment of the 1960s, measuring 14" by 21."

Stanley's writing was always very heavy on ideas and grounded in the real world. They really read like small budget comedies. Here we have 3 characters, one interior set and one exterior set. Simple, and with some great cause & effect happenings. I laughed out loud at this 1967 stand-along comic book book filler page.

Thanks to Tom Devlin for sharing this. The whole page scan is over at the D&Q blog.

Big hat tip to Journalista!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I had three or four pages in the "Giant Comic", too. I had a copy around somewhere, but haven't seen it for awhile. I'll have to go digging through the piles -- er -- files.

It was an interesting experience; had to sign non-disclosure agreements and pass through heavy security at Wham-O, just to meet with the editor.

Nick Fechter said...

Stanely has some good writing and artwork, thanks for the post Mike!

Mark Anderson said...

Love the art, but the woman's countertop barely goes past her knees! Her back's gotta be killing her!

Mike Lynch said...

There are a couple of new John Stanley reprint books in the works, and, of course, Dark Horse has been reprinting tons of his Little Lulu comic books.