Friday, March 27, 2009

Barbara Shermund Appreciation by Michael Maslin

Above: A Shermund original from the Library of Congress' Cartoon America exhibit, now online.

Michael Maslin profiles the career of New Yorker cartoonist Barbara Shermund (1988-1978) in his essay Revisiting Barbara Shermund.

Since Ms. Shermund passed away during a newspaper strike, her death was not noted in the "paper of record," the New York Times, or, anywhere else, except for a scant, four sentence obit in a New Jersey paper. Michael comments:
"For someone who contributed hundreds of cartoons and eight covers to The New Yorker Magazine, then went on to become a mainstay at Esquire, four sentences seems a bit slight. Here then is another notice, a little late, and a little longer."
Mr. Maslin goes on to correct the matter, 31 years on. The rest is here.

Thank you, Michael Maslin, for shining the light on Ms. Shermund!

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