Thursday, March 19, 2009

Own a Shelf of Books

I'm selling some of my books on eBay. Please consider taking a look at them. There are a lot of paperback gag cartoon books (with cartoons by Chon Day, Al Ross, Searle, Virgil VIP Partch, Gahan Wilson, Addams, Orehek, Busino, etc.). Most priced under $1 to start. Some of these were featured in past blog entries. A lot of the listings have link back to my blog in the "product description" area, so you can see some of the interior cartoons.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, baby isn't it hard to let them go? I remember one time when I was dead broke and I had to sell "Macpherson's Canada" to feed myself. I got 50 bucks and it haunted me for 10 years before I found another copy. The Seller had 2 copies. I just bought one. Left the other for some other collector. I paid 30 bucks.