Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brian Fies: Vote for the Virtual Book Tour

Brian Fies, whose latest graphic novel WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW? will be out this spring, was asked by writer Mike Peterson if he'll be doing a signing tour when it comes out. He replies at his blog:
"... [V]ery few authors get full-blown book tours these days, and I don't expect to be one of them. But the more I mull over the notion of a virtual launch party, the more I like it. It's probably been done but I haven't heard of it before.

"Here's what I'm thinking: A live Webcast, maybe an hour or two long, in which I'd talk about the book, do some drawing, show off some original art and props and stuff, tell some behind-the-scenes stories, answer questions, tour the "studio" (estimated duration: 90 seconds), and basically host a party minus the drinks and snacks."
I would enjoy this peek into Brian's studio and work. Sure, who wouldn't? If interested, please take a moment to comment on The Fies Files today.


Mark Anderson said...

Comment left in the positive! Also, I'd like to see some dancing.

Mike Lynch said...

Dancing Okay. Pole dancing Okay. But please, no nudity!

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Mike (and Mark). I think I'm going to give it a shot. Sounds like fun.

Mike, I've got no room for a pole. Besides, without nudity I've lost half my show.

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, no. You're not going for the full Monty are ye, Brian?

Brian Fies said...

In my case, Mike, it's at least two and a half Monties.