Monday, March 30, 2009

London: Wallace & Gromit Museum Exhibit

The Wallace & Gromit Present A World of Cracking Ideas exhibit at the Science Museum in London thru November 1st.

Creator Nick Park is interviewed, in print and on video, by Maev Kennedy for The Guardian here.

The world of Wallace and Gromit has been recreated in a £2m exhibition on the second floor of the Science Museum, complete with mad machines, giant cabbages, villainous rabbits, extensive research library on cheese, improbable collections – one illustrating the evolution of the welly boot – and kitchen cupboards stuffed with the packets and jars fondly remembered from Park's own childhood in Preston, Lancashire.


Robert Gidley said...

And just this week, telltale games introduced a Wallace & Gromit video game for the PC.

Saw some previews and interviews with the developers and it looks like they've gone to some trouble to keep the claymation look while rendering the characters in CGI.

Mike Lynch said...

Good to know that the CGI people are trying to go the old school plasticine route, Robert.

Wil said...

I took my 6 year old son to this at the weekend and it was good fun. Lots of stuff to do for all ages.