Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brian Fies in Adds His Cartoons to the Overlook Wall

Tuesday. A busy day! I dropped off cartoons at the New Yorker, said hi to George Booth and Sam Gross and Jonny Cohen and Sid Harris, met a reporter who is doing a story and/or a film about cartoonists, went to the post office, deposited some checks at the bank, and then, I met Brian Fies at the Overlook.

Brian was going to add some of his iconic characters from MOM'S CANCER to the cartoon wall at the Overlook Lounge.

This is the "before" wall. Brian, who took a red eye flight and just landed at JFK hours ago, is going to draw in the upper right hand corner. His cartoonist neighbors: Gerry Mooney (Sister Mary Dracula), Al Scaduto ("They'll Do It Every time"), Jules Feiffer, Hoest & Reiner, Irwin Hasen, and Patrick Merrell. Not to mention Henrik Rehr and Joe Edwards.

Brian's finished his Overlook burger, and he's fortified now. Ready, set, DRAW! He's standing on a seat (out of view) to reach the upper corner.

He uses a light grey conte crayon to do a very rough outline. I like how that SOUP 2 NUTZ kid looks like he's saying, "Say it. Don't spray it." to Brian's backside.

Brian's getting a real good line from a Sharpy. Better than I ever could.

Like me, Brian's near-sighted, and, also like me, he takes off his glasses when he draws.

And here's the result!

Thanks, Brian, for adding your work to the Overlook Cartoon Wall!

And then we took the subway to Union Square, poked around Forbidden Planet, and the Brian went to Abrams to say hi to his editor and I went home.

Brian was up for the Quill Award Tuesday night. I regret to announce that the Manga title NARUTO won. Ah well!

BTW, the Overlook is across the street from a TV studio where the Rachael Ray Show is filmed. There was a long line of people waiting to get in for a taping as we walked out of the pub. I made fun of Rachael Ray and degraded her success. I was very mean about Rachael Ray and laughed derisively and loudly and pointed at her line of silly fans.

And Rachael Ray won a Quill Award last night.

I need to get with the program.


TimHarries said...

What a great looking place to drink!
Strangely enough I'm off to New York tomorrow for 6 days. So it's ok to take pics of the walls if you walk, in or do the management get a bit heavy? A visit is definitely on the cards (I can hear my wife groaning :)

We had a similar thing going on at the Nottingham UK festival 'The Big Grin' a few years ago - loads of cartoonists drawing on a cafe wall that had been painted ready for our gags. The lads from Viz, Hunt Emerson, Chris Burke, Steve Bright and many others produced some excellent cartoons. Sadly they were painted over every year to make way for the next lot. Ah well ...

Some pics

Mark Anderson said...

I still have to get Brian's book, dagnabbit!

BTW, when are they gonna seal those walls?!