Monday, October 16, 2006

Dial "B" for Blog: DC Comics Designer Ira Schnapp

Occasionally, I think that I've heard everything about comics history. But I'm wrong, wrong, wrong. Every time I pick up a copy of Alter Ego, I read stories about the golden age of comic books that I never knew or suspected. Here's one that's online now, about a guy who I never heard of, who set the decided the "look" for DC Comics for many years.

Dial "B" for Blog does an amazing service by letting us all in on Ira Schnapp. Some incredible behind the scenes art and great stories. Go and look at The Life and Times of Super DC Designer Ira Schnapp!

Seeing stuff like the above 1960s DC house designed by Schnapp add just gives me a thrill. "The Man Who Conquered Time!" Wowwee! I don't care if ya think it's campy or hokey -- I wanna read it!!!

Thank you "Robby Reed!"

And a big hat tip to Fred Hembeck for this.

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