Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, Orlando Busino

I want to wish a happy belated birthday to award winning cartoonist, and a heckuva nice guy, Orlando Busino, born October 10.

I've been a fan of his since my Dad got me a subscription to Boy's Life (1970 or so), where, for 30 years, he's drawn a cartoon about a big dog titled "Gus."

"I don't know how that translates into dog years, but it's been a long time," Mr. Busino said in Who's Who in Ridgefield, CT.

I didn't get to meet him until this past August, thanks to an invite to a Connecticut cartoonists' get together by Frank McLaughlin. (Thanks again, Frank!)

More from Who's Who:

Aside from his wry sense of humor and his drawing ability, Mr. Busino is well known in the field for his skill at lettering. In recent years, he has done all the lettering on one of the world's most popular serial strips, Gil Thorp.

"I've never had a real job," he once joked with an interviewer. "Once in a while I daydream I might want to direct a movie. But that only lasts for a minute."

However, in another, more serious interview, he said: "I've enjoyed it all the way. Cartooning is not something you go into unless you enjoy it."

Please wander over to Arnold Wagner's excellent blog "Cartoonology" for some more art and details about Orlando Busino. (I just found out Orlando went to the same university that my Dad studied at! Arnold knows everything!)

Happy Birthday, Orlando! Many happy returns!

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