Monday, October 30, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2006 Harvard Business Review

Hey, I have a cartoon in Harvard Business Review.

"Come in, Thompson. But before you get any time with me, you'll have to watch a short advertisement."

One of the things I notice in this cartoon (that I haven't looked at since I sold it many months ago) is the fact that, in general, the boss characters in my cartoons tends to have a better chair. I mean, usually, the boss's chair will have a head rest and maybe it looks like leather -- not vinyl, like the lackies. I also try to plunk in some interesting tchotchkes, like some books, diplomas and a little award globe.

The fellow on the left looks almost like he was squeezed tall in a PhotoShop trick, but that's the way he's drawn. If you want to interpret the trash can by the door as a comment on that poor guy, well then you are welcome to write a dissertation on this silly cartoon.

I do think that advertising is shoving its way into every moment in life. Pretty soon, the Wall Street suits will have NYSE logos stitched on their backs. Hey, if we're all wearing Nike swooshes and Sean John shirts and baseball logo caps, then why not let the trend trickle up to formalwear?

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