Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Playboy Cartoon Editor Michelle Urry Passes Away

Just got word that Michelle Urry, who was Playboy's cartoon editor for about 40 years, has passed away due to cancer. She was 66.

The Sequential Web site has more information on her career.

Michelle Urry is one of the wonderful cartoon editors. One of the few out there that would send along a note to me letting me know she fought for a cartoon of mine, but Hef turned it down, etc. (Hefner personally signed off on each and every cartoon.) She was very nice to me, and I am truly shocked to hear that she has passed away. I have heard cartoonists like Gahan Wilson talk very highly of her as well. This is a wretched shock. I had no idea that she was suffering with cancer. Sad, sad news.

NY Times obit here.

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Dave James said...

I am proud to know that she looked at many of my cartoons even though I was never published in Playboy.

What a great lady.