Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hilda Terry June 25, 1914 - October 13, 2006

I just got word that Hilda Terry, creator of the King Features comic strip "Teena" (1941-64), passed away on Friday.

And she pushed for, and succeeded in, getting women admitted to the then-all male National Cartoonists Society. Hilda also (according to her autobiography) invented the first open-toe shoe in 1928, and pioneered computer graphics for stadium scoreboards.

Heidi MacDonald has a very good post about Ms. Terry and her life at her blog.

Hilda Terry always popped up unexpectedly. I would always see her at the NCS Reuben conventions. The last time I saw her was on the second floor of the Overlook Lounge a few months back, telling stories to about 6 colleagues over the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the pub's piped in rock music.

She was also a believer in odd matters, as exemplified by her Web site. Her autobio STRANGE BOD FELLOWS is described thusly:


From the computer we learn that a past life CAN survive in Nature’s backup, probably with a life and awareness of its own. If we find the key to invading a past file, we should be able to open it. My past life got through to me. She identified herself as the child of a mother hung as a witch. I later learned she had existed, and suffered a blighted childhood. Our cartoons, recapturing in this life the lost years of that previous life, exhibit the normalcy of the paranormal.


And so, this morning, after hearing about her passing away, I rummaged through some piles of books, and wandering from the shelves in the bedroom to the shelves in the living room. I couldn't find my copy of STRANGE BOD FELLOWS. I sat down, patted a cat, thought for a moment, and then went back to the bedroom to try again -- and THERE IT WAS! The book was suddenly staring me in the face, on top of a pile of books I had moved.

Hilda Terry, once again, popping up unexpectedly!

Hat tip to Dirk Deppy's Journalista! site.

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