Monday, October 02, 2006

Star Trek IV: Unseen Prologue

The European version of STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME had a recap at the beginning. This was unseen in the US. YouTube has it.

There's a note on the YouTube page that this is on the DVD, but I don't recall ever seeing it.

The music that's tracked over the scenes in this prologue -- all from previous James Horner-scored TREK movies -- have had the Horner music removed, and replaced with tracks from the Leonard Rosenman ST IV score.

To the left: a ST IV poster that I've never seen previously. Nice to see that the punk guy with the loud radio gets on this one sheet!

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Brian Fies said...

The Punk On The Bus was Kirk Thatcher, an associate producer on the film with a background in effects and Muppetry, who also wrote the song playing on his boombox (the melodic "I Hate You") and provided the computer voice that quizzed Spock ("How do you feel?"). It took some googling, but I found an old interview with him I remembered reading here:

It's a nice story if you've got a few minutes to read it. So it really is kind of cool he made it onto the poster.