Thursday, October 05, 2006

Broom Hilda "Death of a Cartoonist" Storyline

I didn't know about these strips since we don't have the strip in any NYC papers. A fan of THE LOCKHORNS saw the above BROOM-HILDA strips from late August 21-25 2006 and sent a note to Bunny Hoest asking if this was pretty close to the mark -- do cartoonists have empty wallets and ink-stained digits and live in caves? Bunny passed them along to me.

I went to the site and clicked on Russell Myers' bio:


Since the day of Broom-Hilda's takeoff (April 19,1970), Myers' life has become a different story, however -- this time, a story of success. He has been responsible for the pleasure of millions of newspaper readers each day through his clever and imaginative work.

Myers lives high on a bluff above Zane Grey's fabled Rogue River in Oregon with his wife, Marina, and their son and daughter.


Hmm. This cartoonist seems to have stopped the suffering back in 1970!

I remember once that Harold Ross said something like cartoonists sit in the basement, sipping soft drinks and watching their old home movies.

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