Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2006 Funny Times

This cartoon is in The Funny Times, a newspaper of humor -- cartoons and columns -- available on newsstands nationwide.

This cartoon also appears in the LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE book. I still remember when Reader's Digest, which published the book, bought it.

"I was really surprised you bought that cartoon. I mean, it has the world 'bitchin' in it, you know," I told the editor.

The editor laughed and said something about RD getting more edgy. All I know is that it is in there (in full color) and, so far, no complaints.

The cartoon is based on the fact that drug companies have to give up their prized patents on drugs -- like Viagra -- after a certain number of years. This is called "going generic" in the drug industry, and represents a big loss for the company. But it's a good thing for the consumer, since the cost usually goes down.

One legal way around the law is to declare that the drug has an alternative, valid effect. For instance, a drug for heart blood flow is proven to assist blood flow to another part of the body. This is the story of Viagra, which originally incresed blood flow to the heart. It was then marketed on the merit of its reported side effect.

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