Monday, October 23, 2006

An Interview with Jean-Jacques Sempé

From The Independent, an interview with Sempé by John Lichfield.

"He draws that which satisfies his harshest critic - himself. Finding new ideas is a daily torture. If something works - as a drawing, as a joke, as a story - that is a relief, a triumph over the tyranny of the blank sheet of paper."

Phaidon Press is publishing a number of Sempé's works, most for the first time, in North America.

Hat tip to Comics Reporter.


Tony Murphy said...

Thanks Mike, for posting the link to the Sempe article. He is not only one of my favorite cartoonists, but the drawing you posted -- the guy on the bicycle -- is one of my favorites of his.

But if you know that cartoon, you know that the visual punchline is missing. Do you know what it is?


Mike Lynch said...

I just thought it was a stand-alone illustration. Didn't know is was a cartoon.

Unknown said...

A little late seeing this, but the original drawing has the shadow of a jet aeroplane passing over the ground.


Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Perry! I appreciate you solving this!