Sunday, October 29, 2006

Margaret Atwood: Cartoonist

Heidi MacDonald this interesting story.


Mark Anderson said...

Hee-hee! That's neat! I wonder who else is a closet cartoonist? Or better yet, who can we start a rumor about that...

Mike Lynch said...

I know David Mamet sent in some cartoons to the New Yorker, which were rejected. Martin Landau, Caruso, silent comedy star Larry Semon all were cartoonists. Landau and Semon were early on, but Caruso always drew caricatures his whle life. There was a book collection of them as well.

Jerry Robinson, talking about Batman scripter Bill Finger at the Jewish Museum this past week, said that Finger was really the Batman co-creator with Bob Kane, and his scripts frequently were very specific about the look of the stories. I wasn't clear whether Finger drew sketches or whether these were "word pictures." But robinson insisted that Finger was THE force behind the dark Batman visuals.

Another person: Filmmaker Akira Kurosawa painted wonderful pictures, most of which were visual concept paintings for his movies.

There's probably a ton more.