Friday, October 20, 2006

Roy Delgado, Sam Gross, "Feggo," and Mike Lynch at the Overlook

Roy Delgado took a train in from Alexandria, VA, arriving in NYC after a 6 hour trip on Thursday, October 19, 2006. He hit the ground running, going directly from Penn Station to the Overlook Lounge. I hadn't been to the Overlook since Brian Fies came to town.

Felipe Galindo, who draws cartoons for New Yorker, and many other magazines under the name of "Feggo," adds a cartoon to Roy's sketchbook. Felipe has to put glasses on to draw. I take mine off.

Sam Gross, he of New Yorker and National Lampoon fame, dropped by for a couple beers. Sam didn't have to draw on the wall. He all ready drew on the wall back in November 2005. So Sam could relax.

Not the same with "Feggo." He had yet to add a cartoon to the wall. Here's the back of Feggo's head as he draws a unique cartoon on the wall. He very casually got up and started drawing in the corner.

He drew this cat and snake, uniquely utilizing the corner in his cartoon. His work is now forever next to Mort Gerberg's.

I don't even think he pencilled! Brave soul.

Roy got up on one of the seats to draw behind the TV. He did some light pencilling.

... And then he started to draw.

Here's the final drawing, next to Al Scaduto's.

And here we all are: Roy Delgado, Sam Gross, Mike Lynch, Felipe "Feggo" Galindo. Felipe and I are "toasting" with plastic containers of markers that are kept around the Overlook for cartoonists.


Roy Delgado said...

Mike, on Emily's site: you can read an update or clarification of the title hopefully to be bestowed on me by the Guinness Stout People.

Question: When will YOU throw the towel in at THE NEW YORKER ? 5 Yrs. is a long time . . many people would've quit. You didn't appear to be as dumb as me.

Thanks for the memorable visit on my NY trip. Had a great time!

Roy Delgado said...

Hello Mike, I'm addicted to your site, it's like Crank, but better!
In case anyone's interested, My Blog: