Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED by Stephanie Piro

My friend Stephanie Piro has a new solo book MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED that is now out in stores. OK, it's a good thing. These are funny cartoons! Who am I to begrudge someone's success? That would be really petty and vindictive.

But, I gotta tell you the truth: the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED line of books was first proposed by ME.

Here, for your perusal, are a handful of my unsold proposals that I showed a lot of editors. These are all great ideas, just begging for publication.

Stephanie borrowed my concept of the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED and just inserted the word CAT in it. That's all. She takes MY concept, inserts THREE LETTERS in the middle, and, lo and behold, she gets a book deal.

Workman Publishing snapped up her book.

While I'm happy for her, I'm sorry that she had to stoop so low as to steal my idea. I kinda feel sorry for her. I mean, she's my friend and all -- but this is just too sad. Don't you agree?

Maybe if you buy her book, and it's a success, it will compel publishers that there is a market for the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED books. And maybe if I keep on being her friend one day she'll introduce me some editors. All the ones I know aren't returning my incessant calls.

Aww. Seriously, folks, MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED is a great book by one of the best cartoonists I know. Go and buy a couple copies.


saturdaychick said...

Mike! I'll always remember the little people I had to step over in my climb to success. Naked sells!
Too funny, and hey, who knows what kind of sequels we can capitalize on?

Oh, it's Sourcebooks, fabulous publisher that they are, and not Workman, that published "My Cat Loves Me Naked"!

Mike Lynch said...

Oops.I'm sorry I got the publisher's name wrong. Stupid me.

Yes, NAKED SELLS! Except on the subway, where it just gets you the evening in a holding cell.

Congratulations and much success, my friend!