Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED by Stephanie Piro

My friend Stephanie Piro has a new solo book MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED that is now out in stores. OK, it's a good thing. These are funny cartoons! Who am I to begrudge someone's success? That would be really petty and vindictive.

But, I gotta tell you the truth: the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED line of books was first proposed by ME.

Here, for your perusal, are a handful of my unsold proposals that I showed a lot of editors. These are all great ideas, just begging for publication.

Stephanie borrowed my concept of the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED and just inserted the word CAT in it. That's all. She takes MY concept, inserts THREE LETTERS in the middle, and, lo and behold, she gets a book deal.

Workman Publishing snapped up her book.

While I'm happy for her, I'm sorry that she had to stoop so low as to steal my idea. I kinda feel sorry for her. I mean, she's my friend and all -- but this is just too sad. Don't you agree?

Maybe if you buy her book, and it's a success, it will compel publishers that there is a market for the MY ____ LOVES ME NAKED books. And maybe if I keep on being her friend one day she'll introduce me some editors. All the ones I know aren't returning my incessant calls.

Aww. Seriously, folks, MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED is a great book by one of the best cartoonists I know. Go and buy a couple copies.

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Mike Lynch said...

Oops.I'm sorry I got the publisher's name wrong. Stupid me.

Yes, NAKED SELLS! Except on the subway, where it just gets you the evening in a holding cell.

Congratulations and much success, my friend!