Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rina Piccolo and Brendan Burford at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

(Rina Piccolo, Brendan Burford, Mike Lynch at the 2006 Reubens)

Whatcha doin' Monday night? Wanna go hear talented husband and wife Brendan Burford and Rina Piccolo talk about all their cartoon work at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art at 7pm?

Brendan does Syncopated Comics, and Rina has a couple syndicated features: Six Chix and Tina's Groove.

Monday's also the meeting of the Graphic Artists Guild, spearheaded by the welcoming diva of GAG's Cartoonist Alliance, Denise Ozker. They're all getting together for Brendan and Rina's talk. So, come on over if you want to hear Brendan and Rina -- regardless of whether you're in GAG.

MoCCA's site, which has the how to get there info. and so on, is here.

Below is Denise Ozker's descip.

Squib -- the Newsletter of the Cartoonist Alliance/Roundtable

October 11, 2006
No.10, Vol.V


Monday, Octover 16, 2006
(Set up 6:45pm)

at MoCCA
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, Suite 401, NYC
Between Houston and Prince St.

Rina Piccolo and Brendan Buford!!!

Husband/wife duo of Brendan Burford (editor at King
Features Syndicate/creator of tha anthology magazine Syncopated Comics),
and Rina Piccolo (one of the Six Chix and creator of the strip Tina's
Groove). A Power Couple of Comics!).
(Organized by Chari Per, our Student co-Chair)


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